BMK Empire is a collection of 9,688 programmatically generated Knights (NFTs) living on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Each Knight is UNIQUE.

  • Each Knight has been generated from a combination of over 250 different traits.

  • Your Knight acts as your exclusive membership which gives you access to a variety of perks.

  • All Knights are cold-blooded but some are more ruthless than the others.


BMK Empire unleashes itself to the world with a collection of 9,688 Knights in the form of NFTs. The collection consists of various types of warfare comrades and each one is unique in terms of its abilities to demolish the enemy. 20 Knights will be airdropped to randomly selected aspirants.
Humans crave power, desire to live forever, want to change heaven and earth, and master the vast universe. The knights are armed enough to fulfill each of your battlefield needs.

The world meets the Knights

Public Meetup

All Knights will be invited to come down to our grand opening of a restaurant at a new location where you will be able to connect with a circle of masterminds and local leaders. And guess what? The food will be on the house!
There will be prizes and giveaways at this event and every grand opening that we do in future.
What is a Knight without proper armor? Time to get yourself behind the right shield! We will be launching our own merch, with tons of cool designs and accessories exclusively available for the Knight holders. We might also be able to entertain a few custom merchandise orders on request.

Merch Release

Exclusive Access

Any 4+ knight holders will have in-person parties and meet-ups with the Big Moe’s Kitchen’s officials. They will be able to connect to a circle of entrepreneurs and celebrities, from rappers to actors, to film makers, to people in the industry of education, crypto, NFTs, clothing, podcasts and many more.
We gonna keep it as real as it gets! You would have the chance to learn about investment opportunities and strategies while sitting within the community. This would be everything you will ever need as a community, for real!
We would be launching our own battlefield game where our holders would be able to rage war against other Knights. A leaderboard will be set up and the top players will be airdropped new cool knights from an exclusive 1/1 collection which will make the other holders to be in awe of your newly acquired warriors. The game will include many other features and prizes which will be disclosed at the right time.

Play-to-Earn Game


We’re on a mission to build a one-of-a-kind source of support and encouragement for the NFT holders of this collection. The plan here for each member of this empire is to be able to have financial freedom asap! You will be getting honest opinions and recommendations at every meetup and event held concerning this project. Ask away all your worries and share your distress with us and we assure you won’t be left hopeless. Your success determines ours. We are so desperate for you to have health, wealth and success.

Together we are stronger.

Together we are unbreakable.

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The Monarchs

Moe El-hamawi

A certified culinarian and founder of Big Moe’s Kitchen

Hass Jomaa

Vice president and company partner of Big Moe’s Kitchen